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Dr Carrie Madej On The Components Of The mRNA Vaccines

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‘The Mark Of The Beast Is Here’ 

Received by July Whedbee July 29, 2020

(Excerpted from here)

The implementation of the plans to alter your DNA and make it programmable by something other than Me, your Creator, are here. I control and govern the DNA I have placed within you, but if you allow man to administer anything within your bodies, that will recode your DNA, I will no longer be the controller. I will no longer recognize you as My creation. You will have become a mixture of something else, an altered form of man and technology, and therefore, not in My image any longer. Do you understand what I am saying? Truly the hour is here when you must prepare to make the choice to remain fully human, infused with My Spirit. The enemy wants nothing more than to deceive you through propaganda, fear and manipulation and cause you to allow either a mark or an implant (vaccine or digital tattoo) into your bodies that will forever separate you from Me. This is your reality right now! You must know what you will choose to do.

When you open doors to the enemy through sin and through your choices in life outside of My ways, the demonic spirits appoint gatekeepers over your heart, your mind, and your soul. Then those spirits invite more, and when no repentance occurs, strongholds occur. The heart of an unregenerate man is wicked and deceitful above all things. But My Word is quick, powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing apart of your soul and spirit, your joints and marrow, as I discern the thoughts and intentions of your heart. Allow Me to write My laws on your heart and you will know truth at last. You will know what is now directly in front of you and the choices that are here for you and your loved ones. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, but it does NOT have to be this way. Allow My glory to penetrate your spirit so that your soul will come under submission. To not allow this, means you will remain in bondage and you will be easily deceived. If I do not dwell in you fully, and your gates have been breached, another will easily influence you and take governance.

My people, I have given you the keys to the Kingdom. Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven and whatever is loosed on earth will be loosed in Heaven. Bind the strongman, bind the strongholds on your life and be delivered!

The technology for the mark of the beast is here. It is upon you. It will be presented at first to be taken voluntarily, then very soon after, you will not be able to buy, sell or work. Do not wait another moment. Come out of Babylon and make Me King of your heart, the Divine Gatekeeper of your soul.

The evil ones have set in motion their wicked schemes, as it must be so according to My Word. Many, many judgments will occur as I allow them. This is to wake up My church. You must know where you stand in your walk with Me, because in an instant, everything will change, and there will not be another opportunity to choose, because the choice will be made for you. You are either all in, or I am turning you over to your carnal mind and nature. You have the choice My loves, choose life and eternity in Me over eternal death in darkness. 

The time is now..



Cryptic1  Message given 8.9.20.

There will be a great shaking all across the land. It is coming. All will know who I AM is then. In those days many will cry out to Me. Have I not given out warning upon warning and still many of My own have not prepared? Seek Me now while I may be found. Seek Me wholeheartedly in My Word, in worship, in kneeling before Me in repentance – I will be found. Time is short. Time is precious. Use it wisely for it is on the move – passing -never to return. Many will cry out to Me in that day. Is it not better to call out to Me now while I am here?


I have said to persevere until the end. I have said there would be tribulation. I have said that anyone who does not give up father or mother or their loved ones is not worthy of My Kingdom and to sit at My right hand. Only the Father knows the day and the hour so prepare, prepare for all that is coming.

Ground your hearts in Me – the firm foundation of Truth. Many will be caught up even now in the lies and deception of the evil one. I am the Way, I am the Truth, I am the light of the world. Come follow Me children. Persevere to the end. I will be with you always. Guard your hearts. Forgive your enemies. Keep your garments white and pure. Be holy as I am Holy.

I come upon the clouds of glory for My own.

Your Savior Lord and King



October 12, 2020 8:37 AM
Only a Grain of Sand


The pages are turning quickly now. But many do not see the changes, afoot. In fact they think it is all still the same line, train of thought, movement of life slowly returning to normal. Getting accustomed to wearing a mask, social distancing, self-isolation, obsessive sanitization.

These lies and machinations are only to soften you up for the next wave, the next set of rules, the next step in their diabolical agenda. Those at the top read their scripts before the cameras, with a feigned sincerity, before the teleprompters, with per-determined questions! They are laughing at you behind close doors, off camera, off microphone. At your total acceptance of every step in the Dance of Annihilation, they direct!

You are being stripped of your humanity. You are being stripped of your culture and faith. You are being stripped of your Christian Civilization. You are being stripped of your independence, plans, freedoms, families, jobs, money, future, lives.

They want your minds, bodies, souls, thoughts, feelings, actions, looks, words, to conform to the snake king’s plan to destroy the Children of God, along a path to being complete slaves, robots, hybrids, zombies, the walking soulless dead.

But you say:
“We must be obedient to the civil authorities”
Soon you will see the line drawn in the sand, the choice between Heaven & Hell!

Yes Or No to the Vaccine? Yes Or No to the Mark of the Beast? Yes Or No to your Creator God?

But you say regarding the End Times:
“Oh no that is not in this generation. That will be far in the future.”
“God will understand. He is a God of Mercy “
“My family has to eat, I have to have a job to pay the bills.”
“We can not give-up what we have worked for all these years.”
“The government has our best interests, our health and welfare at heart.”
“I know God will forgive us for capitulating to the Vaccine & Mark.”
“It is the future of mankind to advance towards a new era of peace, a brotherhood of nations, with an end of war and a civilization of love.”

No Sooner Will You Make Your Choice, That The Results Will Be Instantaneous And Irrevocable! There Will Be No Turning Back My Children! It will be too late to back-track, there will not even be time for regret, for those who take the Vaccine & Mark of the Beast, of their own volition!

The evil ones technology is far advanced, beyond your imagination. True they have given you some clues; an avalanche of flickering images (Movies, TV Videos), but you will not be able to fathom the speed you will change, your relationships with family members, former friends and neighbors. For they will morph in the blink of an eye. You will run with the herd towards the cliff of the Lake of Fire. Husband against wife, wife against husband, father against child, child against father, mother against all. Murders, cannibals, no longer fully-human, but monsters.

God The Father created you in the first place, you came from inside Him! You are the image and likeness of God. You must return to Him at the end of your time on earth. Your lives are like a passing moment in the arc of eternity. This world is passing away, it is exhausted from all the sins of the sons and daughters of Adam & Eve. Choose Well! Think On It Now! Decide For God! Not the snake king and his agenda of lies and eternal death in the Lake of Fire!



September 29, 2020
Only A Grain Of Sand

I AM gave you the Ten Commandments as The Law. You repudiated them entirely, slowly, over time making them a mockery and or an enforced private predilection, or illegal and a hate crime.

I AM send My Only Begotten Son Jesus The Christ to offer His Life & Blood as an efficacious Sacrifice for your sins, and the sins of your forefathers (individual & collective). You rejected Him and made your self gods.

I AM gave you the Bible, My Holy Word in the Old & New Testaments, the inspired Word of the Holy Spirit. You edited it, miss-translated it, re-wrote it, cut and pasted it, re-interpreted it, cut out books from it, made it gender neutral, hated it, dismissed it, forgot it, treated it like fiction or a novel, refused to honor it, burned it, trampled on it, used it in satanic rites, accepted it in part, spit on it.

I AM sent the prophets, many watchmen and watchwomen to you. But you scorned them, rejected, murdered, ignored, laughed at, dismissed, silenced, or quibbled at their every word, arguing about semantics, the dot-and-tittle, dissected the grammar and mocked My Words to your perdition.

I AM heard your grumbling, rejection, detestation of My Divine Will, making your human will an idol, worshiped by all the nations of the world.

You destroyed My Little Ones (Abortion). Grinding them up, sucking them out of the womb live, pulverizing them into a bloody mush, murdering them after they came out of the womb. Selling their body parts, daubing them as cosmetics on your faces, using their glands as drugs for the elites, discarding their bodies in dumpsters, using them in food as sweeteners and genetic research.

You changed girls into boys, and boys into girls and altered the definition of masculinity and femininity, marriage, family, and made your bodies which are Temples Of The Holy Spirit into debased animalistic idols. You ran after and lusted for strange flesh and My Creation, the animal kingdom, as your sexual partners without shame or remorse.

You made idols of the rich and famous and media stars making them gods of the cult of personality, worshiping their every word, gesture and action fornicating with satan, as you danced after the damned.

You made a religion out of your country, your national pride, your wealth, power your hegemony world-wide as The Hammer of All. With military might controlled all the peoples of the earth with wars, assassinations, coupes, extortion, domination, threats, sanctions, invasions, secret operations, drugs, sale of weapons of mass destruction, financial manipulations of currency, stocks & bonds, precious metals, international treaties, deals under the table, pornography, child trafficking, slave labor, abductions, and violent (god-of-forces) medias.

You have now turned your attention to making child sex and cannibalism legal.

You exported a Corporate/Industrial/Commercial Complex to destroy and overpower all the indigenous cultures, peoples of the earth to make a homogeneous one world way of life of commercialism, materialism, with a secular humanistic world view on the road to openly worshiping the snake king. A world view that has obliterated the unique way of life of cultures that have existed and formerly flourished for thousands of years.

You have duplicated and followed the paths of all of the former world civilizations of the past. Initial germination, vigorous youth and strength, morality, peace and justice, beginnings of great abundance and wealth, aggression and domination of neighbors, the first signs of decadence and perversion, internal strife, weakness, exhaustion, collapse and now final annihilation.

You worshiped your kings. Raising them to godhead. Putting your total faith in an man, instead of God, believing their lies and tricks, and playing a political two party system that has transfixed your your people for countless generations and divided you against your neighbor, in a useless game of Divide & Conquer, leading to chaos, riot, carnage, destruction and now to murder.

You chose a Culture of Death over Life. You chose Hell over Heaven.

You Chose Today Over Tomorrow. Exchanging the gift of eternal life offered to you by a Loving Creator God The Father for and eternity with the snake king, in a lake of fire with no love, peace, light, joy or pause.

You bartered your inheritance for a mess of potage, for a dish of lentils you threw away a glorious legacy of a never ending future of unlimited horizons.

You chose Night (secret sins, thefts, hidden addictions, whispered lies, gossip, calumny, unforgiveness rehearsed for never-ending years, occult perversions) over Day (godly transparency, honesty, strait forwardness, upright actions, truth).

You scorned, laughed at modesty, virginity, decency, destroying the youth of multiple generation with sex, drugs, rock-n-roll.

You legalized gambling, prostitution, promoting addictions, obsessions, compromising individuals, families, marriages, building underworld empires and sin-cities of satan, like Los Vegas & Atlantic City, which will both be soon destroyed.

You elevated Sport to a false religion, destroying youth in the bloom of their vigor with obsessive ambition for extravagant wealth and lust for fame, who worship at an evil altar instead of making their dedication, talent, hard work towards a career, a balanced part of their lives.

You let the MSM tell you what to think, what to buy, what to say, what to love, what to hate, what to obey, what to worship.

You accept the lies and dictates of corrupt and satanically oriented politicians who are bent on your own destruction, and sacrifice their own flesh (sons & daughters) to satan.

You follow after an occult based popular culture taking their diabolically dedicated products into your homes and filling your eyes, ears, mouths with its rancid filth, death, and destruction.

You choose satan, the snake king, the devil, the man of perdition, the anti-Christ, over God The Father, God The Son, God The Holy Spirit.

You choose yourself over your families, your loves ones, your neighbors, your God.

You choose to put off today, what you know should be done to prepare for the Great Tribulation, that is now at your door-step.

You decided this message is the ravings of a lunatic, a false or deluded person who needs to be more tolerant, mind their own business, get-a-job, just plain shut-up, go away, be silent, forget it, change the channel, get lost, go to jail, be reported, locked up, forcibly stopped!

The Sun Went Down, The Day & Night Came & A Darkness Covered The Earth & All The Peoples Of The World Made Their Final Decision YES Or NO To Their God!

MS SOPHIE 03/2020

Yes, children, I add that many have gotten ill from the virus and some have passed on. This is fact but it is also fact that this vaccine YOU ARE NOT TO TAKE! I say to you now—it will forever change whom you belong to. Many Christians will willingly take it and you will forever seal your destiny of which there is no way out. You will indeed end up as one of his and will be his for all eternity; no longer mine! BE FOREWARNED! Stop poo-pooing the warnings given. Fallen angel technology is implemented in these vaccines. There are more plagues to come and they will do the same with them. They will convince you that they have the solution and the cure but it will alter your body composition, cells forever changed—your DNA. He uses the same tricks over and over—nothing new under the sun! Do not take the Mark of the Beast whether it is through a micro chip, through a tattoo or some type of gene-editing enhancement injection! Not only are you sealed to be with satan for all eternity but your body will be forever altered! You will become as the “living dead” and slave to the master of lies satan and hell awaits your arrival! https://444prophecynews.com/rise-up-rise-up-rise-up-mssophie/

Handmaid of the Most High

July 4, 2020 -Word Received

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

While talking on the telephone with a friend about the upcoming events. I was talking about the next steps of the enemy’s plans in these end moments and specifically, the next step in the economic collapse. As we were talking about the vaccine for Corona and the inclusion of aborted fetal tissue in the mixture, the Lord told me that once you take that evil vaccine, not only will it alter your DNA (your genetic code), which itself is tremendously serious mistake that will change you and alter your humanity. He also said that those who have been testing for Corona are actually being tested for “ideal” genetic markers and/or heritage, as “they” (those behind this testing) believe that certain ancestry is ideal for their future plans. If you haven’t been tested, please consider not doing so. I’ve known for more than 25 years that many evil things are done with the blood of certain identified people! Many have no idea that they have been profiled or that this information is of great interest to certain ‘groups’.

Additionally, the Heavenly Father stated on July 4th, that when people choose to get the vaccine, certain individuals that they don’t have specific information desired, will have some blood “accidentally” removed at the time of vaccination, then without their knowledge tests will be conducted on these “accidental samples” to further identify these ‘select people’ again looking for certain genetic codes.

For years, I have discouraged anyone interested in studying their ancestry NOT to use any service that requires bodily fluids!!! The Father wants to remind people that you should be wise and cunning as serpents, but treat others as gently as doves.

Those with a tender heart, we tend to be more trusting than the average individual, please realize that we are often told what the government believes we want to hear, in order to gain our cooperation for their true agendas. That if we did know the true motive, we would not consent. Please seek the Father’s guidance on whatever decisions you make with your body or that of your children’s bodies. Evil is very present today. I was told early this year that the portals have been completely opened worldwide for darkness to rule over the world. If you are not of the world (you are His), then trust your Heavenly Father for protection, not man.

All Hell Will Break Loose When the Election Results Come Out

November 23, 2020 2:06 PM

This is the third message given by the Holy Spirit 11.11.20 regarding the Presidential election results.

Daughter the world as you know it is changing and will never return to the good old days. These will be but a distant memory in your memory banks for your memories too will be altered once you take of the Vaccine and the Mark. These are instruments of evil designed to eradicate the human race and it is coming soon – sooner than you think. I have told My children to prepare for this day as the powers that be rise up to implement their weapons of destruction.

Arise, arise oh church to withstand the powers of hell that are unleashed upon your earth. Soon all hell will break loose upon the release of the election results. It will not go down well. This is an angry nation that does seek chaos and rebellion, anarchy and totalitarianism. There will be marching in the streets, calls for impeachment, riots and more chaos once your President is reinstated. It will be a bittersweet win for one party and a death blow to the other. Chaos will erupt and ignite – sweeping across your nation like a torch unattended. Mob rule will reign and the masses will take their brand of justice into their own hands. It will be a day of anarchy and violence that will sweep from city to city. No place will be exempt as these bloodthirsty individuals -many taken over by the fallen ones – walk the streets to steal, kill and destroy as their father the evil one. Things will appear to subdue over time but the fire of anger, death and destruction burns in the hearts of many and only blood will avenge their bloodthirsty hearts. Be warned.

Martial law will be implemented and you too will become like prisoners in your own abodes. Prepare for those dark days as all hope will seem to be lost. There is no hope other than to be found abiding in Me your Savior and Lord. Let Me rule over your life. Allow Me to come into your heart of hearts where I can speak to you of how much I love you and how much I suffered for love of you.

This is the beginning of the end of all things. My Father’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Children come to Me quickly. Time is fleeting and one day when you least expect it your life will be taken from you. Prepare now to abide in Me. Come to Me in all things. Love Me unconditionally and love all men the same – even your enemies who will rise up in this hour. I come soon children upon the clouds, Seek Me while I may be found.

Your Lord and Savior

Yeshua Jesus the Christ, The Son of the Living God

Amen Amen It Is So

I have spoken

Scripture Reference:

Matthew 5:44 44 But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you.

Covid-19 Vaccinations MEAN DEATH! Esther Eagle

March 3, 2020

I was praying and fasting, regarding the Covid-19 vaccine during the time I’ve received this dream:

In my dream, God took me into the near future of America. I was overlooking America (like a birds eye view), and I looked to my right of America (the Eastside) and was overlooking New York State as well.. And I saw millions of people in America, had received the Covid-19 vaccine.

And also throughout America, I could see 5G towers monitoring VERY closely the covid-19 vaccinated individuals (victims).

When I saw this, I immediately asked God, “How are they completely connected to these 5G towers and the towers to them?” Right after I asked God this, He took me to a hospital in New York. There, I saw a doctor giving a patient, the covid-19 vaccine. (The doctor and patient couldn’t see me.)
But while the doctor was injecting into the patient’s arm, the covid-19 vaccine shot.. I saw hundreds/thousands of little specs of microchips, [nanobots] INSIDE the covid-19 vaccine, flowing through the shot, and into that individual.

As the dream went on,
One thing got my attention immediately..was that the people who’d taken the Covid-19 vaccine, their whole body was glowing an odd color green. I asked God, “What does this mean?” And I saw the word, “radioactive”.

AND, upon seeing this..I also saw that they had extra super dark energy-that is, super demonic energy- attached to them!

Also, the word “LEGION”…was written all over them as well!

The Lord took my up higher in the dream (again birds eye view, but over looking America). And the million’s of people, who’d priorly were covid-19 vaccinated and being controlled by the 5G towers.. BEGAN to grow to be VERY violent and AGGRESSIVE, VERY beast like..
In fact, the news called it, “An outbreak” and that those same people (those with covid-19 vaccine in their blood) were deemed “INCURABLE”.

These (covid-19) vaccinated individuals, where EVERYWHERE (when the “outbreak” occurred)! There was NO LINE they weren’t willing to cross, (be it in, violence, murder, mayhem, ravaging, etc). . They were COMPLETELY and UTTERLY out of hand!

I was taken to a very disturbing scene:

A major city, in the mid-eastern side of America.. were infested with “incurables”..They were literally running all over-many on all fours-just like beasts! They were running out of a city, that they had priorly taken over, (I saw thousands laying dead all over the streets of that city.. the smell and sight was HORRIBLE!)

I saw then, that the same (CV-19 vaccinated) crazed “incurables” were ALL at war, with the EVERBODY, including the U.S. military! Looking down at the outskirts in this same city, it was a scene of COMPLETE utter confusion, torment and chaos!
The US military soldiers were in the thousands, and armed with machine guns etc, were shooting (by the droves), all “infected” on sight!

The “infected” (so full of legion within themselves; in the hundreds of thousands), were throwing metal objects, rocks-whatever they could find-all against the U.S. Military..the “infected” were even jumping off of vehicles (they’d jump as high as 8-10 in the air) and tall objects to gain ground against the U.S. Military..

The “infected”, didn’t care to loose their own lives either!
(As before mentioned..”there was no line they weren’t willing to cross..”)

I saw these “incurable” (CV-19 vaccinated) people were in the millions, everywhere in America, they were burning up, homes, cities, towns, neighborhoods..

During this “OUTBREAK”..that resulted throughout the U.S. Martial Law was issued, as the military soldiers each had orders to: “Shoot ALL incurables/infected ON SIGHT!”

The soldiers had to be in gathered in large groups at a time and use special automatic machine guns..because it literally took LOTS of bullets just to kill one “incurable” on sight. .

It was far worse on the East side of America too, especially because of the “most infected” cities there (as the media put it)..

Right then, seeing all this, I heard the Lord repeat 3x’s: “Covid-19 Vaccinations MEAN DEATH!

*Note: I told myself, for the Lord to use the word, “Death”..I knew strongly in my spirit, He meant, ‘Eternal death’.

What the Mark is like

March 29, 2020
Daughter of God

I got to experience in this dream what it would be like to receive the mark of the beast.


There was 2 of me and we were standing in a tent where a nurse was giving vaccinations. I had a choice to take the vaccine or not. I said “I don’t want that, it could be the mark of the beast.” The nurse reassured me saying “no it’s not, it’s just a vaccine, just a precursor to the mark, it’s nothing”. The other me said “I’ll go first, don’t be a chicken, it’s nothing”. Then I started seeing through her eyes. For the rest of the dream I was in that other version of me that chose to take the mark. I believe God was showing me this so I could see what it is like and warn others. It’s going to get real dark and disturbing from here so I wont even tell all the details of it.

Ok so the nurse pulled out a tattooing device and tattooed me in the center of my forehead. I barely felt it and looked in the mirror to see if it was done and I saw a circular pattern of quantum dots. They glowed white. About 2 cm diameter. Then the nurse got me to draw a symbol. I knew the symbol was to seal the deal. It seemed to be some kind of witchcraft symbol. It had a triangular shape at the top with a spiral under it. I won’t draw it again to show you, for obvious reasons. Remember it wasn’t me doing it, I was like an observer but seeing through her eyes with no control of what was happening.

Then I felt demons attach to me, one on each side and I felt changed. I felt Holy Spirit and love leave me and my heart felt empty and dead. It scared me, the nothingness inside, like a void that can’t be filled. It felt so cold. But I felt powerful and had superpowers but they were like magic, like witchcraft powers. I went out to test them out. I could wave my hand over things to repair them and I could jump through portals to other places. I was hanging out with the rich and famous. They all had the mark too. I felt an immense pride and superiority over “regular” humans. I felt no empathy whatsoever. This must be what a psychopath feels. I was killing people like it was nothing. I’ll stop there. You get the point: The mark made me evil in the dream. It made me sick, (the real me), I knew at was wrong but couldn’t stop it. I actually repented when I woke up because the dream disturbed me so much. It was nothing like me in real life. In real life I have a big heart and love and care for others and I’m not proud at all. I’m just a humble servant for God. I never want to experience anything like that again.

Don’t take the vaccine, it is the mark and will turn you into a monster. You’re better off dying than taking this mark.

I asked God for a confirmation of this dream and He gave me this scripture :

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. – Ephesians 6:12,13

God bless

Vaccine simultaneously rolled out with RFID chip (Mark of the Beast)

August 13, 2020 2:55 PM
Robby Cousins

Received: Monday morning, March 9, 2020

In this vision the Lord took my Spirit and brought me into a room with top executives & world leaders. These men were basically discussing how & when they are planning to release a vaccine for the COVID-19 pestilence they have created plus other orchestrated destruction/plagues to come. Seen clearly seated at the table among the men; was the son of perdition: “Barrack Hussein Obama” END of VISION.

Immediately as I woke up; the Holy-Spirit said to me: “Carnage”. Google’s definition of “Carnage”: mass death, killing or slaughter of people.

Elizabeth Marie “received this message while praying on 8-31/20:

‘The world is unraveling. It is part of what the end of times will look like as it is written in MY WORD.

Wickedness abounds, and as it gets out of control, like weeds in a a garden…..the end will now come in like a flood. It (wickedness) has new technology that will change your DNA. You will no longer hear from ME if it is taken voluntarily, because you have chosen them to take care of you……

HOWEVER, if it is forced, I will block its effects.

The mark will be something you choose…….. So have no fear, if you choose correctly!

Get yourself in a right standing with ME, because you do not know when you will draw your last breath here on the earth.

Very little time is left to prepare your hearts and homes. Use what is left carefully. However, love not your lives unto death, for to be present with ME is a much better thing!

Every step now should be carefully placed with much thought and prayer. Do nothing outside MY will, and consult ME on everything! This is how you walk in the SPIRIT and not your own flesh!

Soon the clouds will grow darker, and the light will be no more. Only the light in MY true children’s hearts will shine. Prepare for this darkness, both physically and spiritually.

Let your hearts be trimmed with the oil of the HOLY SPIRIT.
Follow closely MY voice and I will tuck you under MY WINGS.

PRAY at all times ….. AROUND THE CLOCK, and I will hear! You are never alone, for I walk with you and in you.

You are MY treasured vessels…..those who serve ME with all of their hearts!!





October 28, 2020 4:46 PM

I received this message 10.27.20. After I was given this message I heard in my spirit the word ‘uprising’. We are in for the fight of our lives as the forces that be are rising up to bring down this nation and the world. May we continue to pray and fight against the evil that is come upon the earth.

Daughter it is coming – a political event surrounding your election. There will be attempts to thwart the election as the country is rocked in the throes of chaos, riots, destruction. Even now mass demonstrations are being played out to bring the country America to its’ knees. Civil unrest will begin to burgeon – spreading like wildfire, inciting the masses and those who complicitly participate. I have warned My people to have nothing to do with this as it is a scheme of the enemy to divide and conquer.

I alone should be the focus of your attentive. I alone should be the center of your lives. Choose Me and choose life! There will be much death in the streets as the protestors join forces with their bands of marauders to wreak havoc and destroy this once proud nation. I say it again – the fall of America begins in the fall. Many lives will be lost – innocent blood will pour forth on the streets as evil abounds and takes over the free will of many who have been subjugated by unseen dark forces. I speak of the evil one who has infiltrated the hearts and minds of the reprobate and those who do not know Me. No man can serve two masters. If you are not with Me and do not abide in Me you will be easily overtaken by the deception that is in place.

All the world’s a stage and soon the New World regime will rise up. The beast system will be implemented soon once the vaccine is accepted – which it will be. The world will be indoctrinated from that point on – like zombies literally – with no thought or ideology save to conform to the masses. Individualism will be a thing of the past as each individual’s rights are usurped. One by one they will take the mark after taking the vaccine. Everything is set up so you will be compliant and that will be the beginning of the end for many. Many will go down the wide road of destruction just to save their flesh in exchange for their eternal souls.

Your life is but a vapor children. Think of eternity spent with Me. I died for love of you – but you must turn your life over to Me so I can transform and renew you. Surrender your will to Me. I alone can save you from the horrors to come – but even then many will be called to die for My name’s sake. Do not look at the earthly treasures but store up the everlasting treasures which will ensure a place for you in My Kingdom. My Kingdom is not of this world. I come soon children upon the clouds of glory. Seek My face. Abide in Me as I in you forevermore.

Your Lord Savior and King   Yeshua HaMaschiah

He who saves  Amen Amen It is so

Vision of Effects of 5g Nano Occupation of the Human Soul

October 28, 2020 6:25 PM

In June 2018,
I received a lengthy, full body vision of the effects of the micro/nanobot implant- without a firewall- between me and the IOT traffic. It came and went during waking hours over a 3 day period and was utterly terrifying.

Two years later, I can’t help but wonder if humans that are pushing this commerce and control matrix, really DON’T know how much evil it will cast on the earth. I believe even those at the top of this scheme are not altogether aware of its full potential for destruction of humanity. It seems to me, only those who are already hellbound themselves could desire such a thing.

I’ve pondered on it many times for understanding. Until recently, when I watched the Google CEO state their nanodot tattoo will contain a technology which enables “dye” to read, record and transmit data on bodily functions.

One morning several months ago, I heard just one word from the spirit as I woke. Cadmium. I looked it up, it’s a metal which is toxic to humans, I didn’t get it’s significance until I eventually learned this metal will be used as the “dye”- in tandem with previously administered hydrogels- in the tattoo. This will self replicate and assemble, creating a scaffold inside the body to wirelessly connect humans to the internet blockchain. All this communication is facilitated by the sickening 5g microwave control grid we’ve all read about.

Now my vision in 2018 is making sense. I was shown that the IOT, or “internet of things” has a haunting, maddening sound, a music of its own. It’s the constant relative humming, buzzing, beeping and repetative droning of all things electrical and wireless running at the same time. It’s the sound of the flow of all that internet traffic and it never ceases.

In my vision, it seemed to get more and more invasive as time went on. The disturbing rhythm filled my mind and body because it was emenating from within me, as I had become a part of it. There was no peace, no escaping it. I actually felt like I was being amped-up to the stratosphere in frequency, twice feeling like I was having a heart attack. It was so dreadful, I actually cried.

If this vision I had should occur in reality, I don’t see how the human mind, or any sentient being’s mind would ever adapt. At a point, all empathy and composure would break down as one became self-obsessed with the occupation.

Please, everyone pray for Jesus Christ’s inheritance and all those who will come to our precious King and Savior in that greatest tribulation of souls.


The New World Order is Ready to Launch Their Campaign

November 6, 2020 4:23 PM  Cryptic1

I received this message on 10.23.20 and wasn’t sure about releasing it yet so I asked the Holy Spirit when to do so. On 11.4.20 the Holy Spirit gave me the world ‘ideology’ and today in a news article I came across the word ‘game change’. Both words are contained in the message below and I believe the Holy Spirit is WARNING ABOUT BIG CHANGES COMING THAT WILL AFFECT OUR POLITICS, ECONOMICS AND WAY OF DOING THINGS.

Daughter the end is here. Transmissions are being sent around the world to herald the arrival of the New World Order. Politicians, the elite, those in high positions of power are congratulating themselves as I speak. The changing of the guard is about to be implemented. Behind closed doors game changers are being bandied about. The conversation is moving in a different direction. Plans, agendas are being put into place to optimize the changes to come. Hold onto your seats. A whirlwind of change is coming that will assault your senses and unsettle the foundations, the ideologies you have believed in.

Change is coming. Be ready for it. You have already gone through a cataclysm of change with the pandemic but more will follow. You must press into Me and abide in the secret place with Me in order to withstand the forces of hell that are being unleashed. The gates of hell will not prevail but many will be tested in the fire of adversity, travails and trials unprecedented. Many would not be worthy of Me or My Kingdom if it were not this way. The road is wide that leads to perdition – but narrow is the road to enter into My heavenly Kingdom. Persevere beyond all costs children for the prize and reward that awaits you.

The New World Order is ready to launch their campaign of total control over the world. You have submitted too easily in this first pandemic of your nation and will willingly comply the next time – which will be far worse. Come children stay close to Me. Remain in My word where you will find peace in the many storms that will envelop and seek to destroy you. Seek Me. Seek My face. I alone can save you from the horrors to come upon the earth soon, very soon. The agenda of the One World Government will soon be implemented followed by the One World Religion. Your future and very life will be at stake.


Seek Me. Seek Me alone. I will lead you through the deep waters, through the destruction – but you must abide in Me and stay in My word at all times. Evil is unleashed upon your earth but My angels are at the ready to protect those who are My own. Be strong, be vigiliant. Call on Me in all things big and small. I go to prepare a place for Mine.

Your Lord and Savior

Yeshua the Christ

The Risen One

Persecuted All That Refuse


November 27, 2020
Barbara Alexandria 

I had a dream not long ago (within the last two weeks) The covid vaccine came out and at first we were told that it was not mandatory. But not long after, so many places of business required proof of vaccination and everyone jumped on board with it, it basically became mandatory. All those who did not have it were looked down upon and persecuted. Those that didn’t want to get it, became more and more poor. They basically choked the wealth out of everyone who refused. This caused many to cave and start taking the vaccine. The poverty became very extreme and this went on for a long time. In this dream, I knew that I could not get the vaccine no matter what. It felt like it was the prophesied mark of the beast talked about in the book of revelation. It felt like it was one and the same.

On this note I will just state what I believe. I do believe that the vaccine, this mRNA vaccine damns your soul to hell by changing your DNA and taking you out of the image and likeness of God. Salvation is only for mankind and taking this vaccine changes you into a gmo, and you will no longer be in his image and likeness whether you feel any different or not, upon taking it.

The coming ID2020 is the final form/version. But I still believe it’s the vaccine that damns a person. The book of revelation is only 22 chapters long, and it covers YEARS of events, condensed and symbolism as well. I believe the (proof of) vaccine is the mark that will be required to conduct commerce and then it comes out in the quantum dot tattoo that can go in right hand or forehead. It’s still one and the same, just the evolution of it over the timeframe it is here.

Those are my thoughts and I would also bet my life on this. I’ve been studying and praying about this for a long LONG time. I will not be deceived or caught off guard. And to those who think you will have to deny Christ when you take it, you need to find that verse and read it- it doesn’t exist. The Bible says that “And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, WITH WHICH 👉HE DECEIVED THEM THAT HAD RECEIVED THE MARK OF THE BEAST 👈 Revelation 19:20

Now I ask, what better way to deceive everyone than to convince them that they need this vaccine to keep them safe and alive?!