Ark Of Covenant Found

You will never hear about one the most important discoveries of all time from the satanically controlled Illuminati media, so here it is on one of the Lord’s websites.

A very devoted man of God from America by the name of Ron Wyatt has discovered the location of the Ark Of The Covenant. Mr Wyatt not only discovered the location of the Ark, he was allowed to remove the two stone tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments, the by the four angels guarding the Ark since the time it was hidden.

Incredibly Mr Wyatt was divinely inspired to find the Ark right where the prophet Jeremiah hid it, 600 years before the Crucifixion of Our Lord Jesus Christ! He found it approximately 20 feet directly below the exact location where Jesus was crucified! At the moment that Jesus died on the Cross there was an earthquake that split the ground open and the blood from our Saviour ran down through the crack and landed directly on the Mercy Seat of the Ark Of The Covenant!

Be sure to pay close attention at the 32 minute mark in the video where Ron recounts a visitation from the Lord while he was in Jerusalem. The Lord told Ron He was on His way from South Africa to the New Jerusalem. The works of Revelation 12 began in South Africa when the Lord gave the tiny Manchild of Revelation 12 to Linda! The tiny baby of light went right into Linda’s body at the time and became a part of her.

The Lord has made it clear on the main page of this website near the end of the ‘Wise Virgins’ prophecies, that the New Jerusalem, and the heavenly city of Light mentioned in the Book of Revelation, is going to be located in America, in Mayflower Arkansas (ARK), and not in in Israel!



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