Canadian Covid Detention Camps

Do you remember last October when Trudeau claimed rumors about interment facilities were patently false? Lest we forget…. Here are his lies on YT.

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The Canadian government is planning a network of detainment camps and “isolation” sites to incarcerate those who will refuse to participate in their medical tyranny. See the article below by Mike Adams and also the video of MP Randy Hillier being stonewalled when asking for details of Trudeau’s plans for the detention centers.

The Premier has been actively dodging my questions since July. Today was just another example of the new status quo in Queen’s Park, no response. After this exchange I’m not even sure if the Premier and his Cabinet know what’s going on regarding the Federal government considering the expansion of isolation/quarantine facilities from coast to coast.

The language in the RFI is overly broad and ambiguous, and we ought to have clarification on the purpose of these isolation/quarantine facilities. I asked clear and precise questions about the Federal government’s tendering for “isolation/quarantine camps” in Ontario. Where will they be, how many will there be, and how many people will be housed?

The Government House Leader suggests these are for “international travellers”, however the RFP says “public health and other related federal requirements associated with the COVID-19 pandemic response.” My question on the purpose was cut short and once again the government refused to give an answer. Why won’t they answer? It seems to me they aren’t even aware of these proposals.

Read the RFI here.

Article By Mike Adams...

Justin Trudeau and the Canadian government are creating Nazi Germany-like infrastructure to detain human beings en masse, and for years to come. A brave Ontario politician named Randy Hillier spoke out about the government’s nefarious detainment plan in a provincial question period in front of the government of Ontario. His microphone was cut off as soon as he started asking the tough questions.

The Canadian government is erecting a network of detainment camps and isolation sites to be used from coast to coast. These “Federal Quarantine/Isolation sites” are being built across the provinces and will be used to strip Canadians of their human rights and lock healthy people up using false imprisonment schemes. These sites could be used for forced medical testing and forced medical experimentation with covid-19 vaccines. If Canadians can be held down against their will over the fear that they may spread viruses, then these facilities could be used indefinitely and for whatever reason is deemed necessary to maintain an illusion of safety for the “greater good.”

Brave rep stands up and questions Canadian government’s nefarious plans

Randy Hillier, Independent Ontario MPP for Lanark, Frontenac and Kingston, stood up and questioned the government, asking how many people will be detained and how many concentration camps are scheduled for construction. He expressed concern about their current use — to control the spread of covid-19 — and pointed out in documentation that these sites could be used for “other requirements” in the future.

“So your government must be in negotiations and aware of these plans to potentially detain and isolate citizens and residents of our country and our province,” Hillier began. “So speaker, to the Premier, where will these camps be built, how many people will be detained, and for what reason, for what reasons can people be kept in these isolation camps, and I’d like to have the Premier assure the people of Ontario…,” Hillier’s microphone was cut off before he could finish.

Hillier reports that the government has dodged his questions since July. “The expansion of isolation/quarantine camps in Canada is something of concern and the Ontario government must know about it, so why won’t they tell the people of Ontario?” he asked.

Canadian government prepping for resistance to new detainment sites

According to a request for information, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is currently managing eleven quarantine isolation sites across Canada, which includes sites in Calgary, Vancouver, Kelowna, Winnipeg, Regina, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Fredericton, St. John’s (Newfoundland), and Whitehorse. Each site can be used to detain up to 1,600 travelers for up to fourteen days at a time. The sites can be “temporarily discontinued until needed again by the Government of Canada.” The facilities may be used for “other requirements” for the next two years, as deemed necessary to safeguard the public health.

The detainment plan doesn’t end there. In addition, the Canadian government lists each territory and province as a potential region for delivery of new “Federal Quarantine/Isolation sites.” PHAC  listed the following territories and provinces as areas of concern that will host the new quarantine camps: Saskatoon, Windsor, Niagara, Ottawa, Winnipeg/Thunder Bay, Quebec City, Charlottetown, Iqaluit, and Yellowknife. The Canadian government is also looking for third party service providers to develop a strategy to manage the sites going forward. Government contracts are being set in motion to supply the sites with goods and services.

The government is preparing for resistance, too. One of the supply contracts includes a 36,000-canister order of tear gas, which is set to be delivered in the Spring of 2021 to the Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot in Dundurn, Saskatchewan. This is the general time frame when covid-19 vaccines become more widely available to the public. The World Health Organization has already primed the public to accept the detainment camps as “a public health measure” and has previously broadcast that “vaccine hesitancy” is a global public health threat.

Nightmare! Companies Profit by Quarantining New Hires

April 27, 2021


(above pic is not CH)
After he was hired by Canadian Natural Resources in Northern Alberta, Corey Hagopian was deceived, tested and quarantined in primitive unsanitary conditions, against his will.
by Kinsey Nordlund
I had the pleasure of speaking with a wonderful young man last Sunday. 
Corey Hagopian and his girlfriend sold everything they owned in Ontario for the promise of a better future in Alberta.
What he encountered at on a job site in Northern Alberta was nothing short of a nightmare. Trained in electronics engineering as a technician with a specialty in non-destructive testing and ultrasonics, he was hired to work at a [oil company] Canadian National Resources (CNQ) site in Northern Alberta. 
He was told he would be working 40 minutes from Edmonton; they failed to mention that was by plane. When Corey found out he would be flying into camp he asked about being Covid tested. He was told no he wouldn’t be tested; that they could not force him to be tested. 
He got on the plane and at the other end of the ride, he was told to line up for a test. He managed to avoid being tested then but they came looking for him the next morning demanding he be tested. 
He managed to escape that test to get into the field to work but that evening his trainer insisted he needed to be tested. Corey responded by repeating that he was told he wouldn’t be forced to test. 
The trainer said that he couldn’t force Corey to test but they could force him off the site if he refused. Corey thought about it and decided that if he was going to be forced to test then he didn’t want to work there. 
He was told he couldn’t get off the property by bus, car, or plane without being tested. He was trapped. He agreed to the first test; he spoke to the nurses explaining he had a sinus issue and to please be careful. The nurse was anything but careful, the next morning when he bent to tie his shoes his nose began to bleed and proceeded to ooze blood for the next few days.
Although he was upset and angry about the violation of his person and his personal rights it appeared to be a one-time thing and he could get his months shift in and go home. 
Before the first week was out the one-time test turned to every 72 hours; then every 48 hours, then by the end of the week it was everyday. 
Not agreeing with their protocols, he said once he was paid for the first week he was leaving. That first weeks pay was withheld. He continued to put up with procedures trying to get to the next payday so he could leave. 
On the 11th day in camp being tested everyday, he was told he had a positive result. When he asked to see the results, he was denied. 
He was ordered to pack his things he was being moved to an isolation unit.
 I shared Corey’s story with a friend I know who also worked up north. He told me that Alberta Health Services pays the company for every person in Covid isolation. 
They pad the numbers to increase the amount of money they receive from the government. Remember the government doesn’t produce anything to make their income and thus the money they give to these companies comes directly out of taxpayer’s pockets. They may only have 50 people isolated but they tell AHS that they have 100 or 200. 
If AHS plans an inspection, a tip off to the inspection results in moving people into the isolation unit, suddenly someone who has no symptoms and negative tests upon arrival are positive.
 The isolation unit Corey was moved into hadn’t been cleaned. There was feces on the floor in the bathroom, sneeze droplets dried on the table, the bed had sleep imprints and dirty linen from the previous occupant.
When Corey complained he was told to clean it himself, there were towels, cleaning product and gloves already waiting for him. Corey continued to demand his right and wanted to leave. He was told that he would need his home isolation plan approved before he could leave.
Strangers hearing of his plight offered to bring his car to him so he could leave. While he wrote his plan, the strangers got the keys to his car, and started the 10-hour drive to get him. He was lucky he had moved to Alberta, those who work there who are not Alberta residence are not allowed to leave, full stop and forced to endure these conditions.
AHS approved his plan the next day, but he wasn’t notified that it had been approved for another four days. While interned in this makeshift prison, his meals were meager and stale. Much of it was rotten and uneatable. While waiting for his approval, he learned that there were others who were in the same situation.
He managed to help three young women to escape as well. One of the pair coming with his car, told him to call the RCMP and tell them what was happening. Corey took the advice, spoke with a constable from Ft MacMurray explained the situation, forwarded his AHS plan and that people were coming for him.
That evening guards and nurses on site called the RCMP reporting that Corey was threatening to pull the fire alarms, telling people he would give them Covid and being disruptive. When the constable called Corey to find out what was going on, Corey was baffled.
He hadn’t left his room; he hadn’t threatened anyone with anything beyond his knowledge of his own human rights. The constable was confused, but fortunately believed Corey. When Corey’s ride didn’t arrive right on time, the guards harassed him, goading him with questions like was he sure someone was coming? Did he know what day it was? Did he know his name?
Questioned one would be asked if given the Montreal Cognitive Test. While packing on his last day, he heard a woman crying out his window. She was telling the persons on the other end of the phone that she couldn’t stay in those conditions, but she couldn’t lose her job, she had a mortgage and children to support. Corey found her and they talked. He promised he’d get her out too.
His whole time in the CNQ camp he was harassed and treated poorly. Those who comply with the rules and all the testing are treated like royalty, those who don’t are treated like prisoners. Everyday you are given contact tracing forms or what the employees call ‘snitch’ forms. You are required to tell on anyone you see cough, sneeze, or blow their nose.
Anyone who takes more than 15 minutes to eat or had their mask below their nose. You don’t need to test positive to find yourself in isolation, you need only be close to someone in your ‘bubble’ who may have been in contact with someone who may be positive.
My friend said that even showers are monitored by a guard at the door. If you take more than 15 minutes to undress, shower, dry and redress, you are made to explain why you took so long. He said everything is a line and a time limit. A line up for room assignments, a line up for a test, a line up for meals and lunch preparation. Every second of your day is scheduled. He too was not told before he arrived what to expect.
I can only assume employees are not told the truth because if they were, they would never agree to go. My friend managed to stick it out a few months before he could no longer take it and quit. He and Corey both told me they were denied access to their test results, new people on site are not told of their rights. Many comply out of fear. Fear of losing their employment and being blacklisted from ever working in the industry again.
My friend was forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement that will fine him $500,000 if he openly discusses the inhumane treatment they endure. Corey wasn’t sure if he signed such a document, but that ship has sailed.
Sunday at a rally in Calgary Corey spoke in front of a crowd for the first time regarding his experience. After meeting many in the crowd, some who believed him and some who didn’t, he was pulled aside by a young woman asking for help. Her partner was in the same circumstance as Corey, and she was scared for his safety. . As we spoke, we counted seven people with remarkably similar experiences. He has met people from all over Alberta who applaud him for his courage to speak out, to not be silenced into submission. I
If you or someone you know has experience similar treatment in one of these northern camps and would like help either escaping or just to help in solidarity, please contact me at or Corey at
Thanks to Doug P!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Justin Trudeau On Board With The Global Reset

Trudeau Confirms He’s All-In On ‘Great Reset’, Communist Agenda for Canada

Justin Trudeau confirmed he’s signing Canadians up for the communist agenda known as ‘The Great Reset’.

In a September video conference for the United Nations, Trudeau declared Canada’s participation in the ‘Reset’ and the U.N. 2030 initiative. While the video is more than a month old, Trudeau’s comments went mainstream this weekend after a twitter user highlighted the controversial statement.

“This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset,” said Trudeau. “This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts, to re-imagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality and climate change.”

“Building back better means getting support to the most vulnerable while maintaining our momentum on reaching the 2030 agenda of sustainable development and the SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals).”

Trudeau’s comments are a confirmation of what many Canadians have feared since an alleged leaked letter from the Prime Minister’s Office went viral last month.

The letter, which you can read here, claims to outline a difficult next 12 months for Canada highlighted by stricter lockdowns, internment camps and a forced debt-reset program in which all debts are erased in exchange for forfeiture of all property and assets.

The ‘Reset’ was once considered a conspiracy theory but evidence of it being a very real rollout of a communist agenda for Western countries has surfaced in recent months.

The movement has been widely promoted by the World Economic Forum throughout 2020 under the name ‘The Great Reset’. It is also widely known as the United Nations 2030 agenda.

The agenda, under the façade of sustainable development and equality, calls for the end of private property/assets, the urbanization of society, end of single-family homes, rationing of food and water, depopulation of the planet, creation of a one-world government to replace nations and much more.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano recently called the reset a “health dictatorship” in an open letter to USA President Donald Trump which you can read more about here.

Trump, who has opposed the ‘Reset’ since taking office in 2017, has been attacked non-stop by politicians and media. Many believe he is the target of these attacks because of his opposition to the plan.

You can watch Trudeau’s statement here:

Laura Ingram On The Global Reset And Vaccinations

Canadian Health Ministry Exploring “Immunity Passports,” Vaccine “Tracking And Surveillance”

by Steve Watson

The Health Minister of Ontario in Canada has stoked controversy by suggesting that people who do not take the coronavirus vaccine will face restrictions on where they can travel and spend time.

When asked by reporters about how the government intends to go about convincing people to get the vaccine, Health Minister Christine Elliott warned that those who refuse it will face difficulties reintegrating into society.

“That’s their choice, this is not going to be a mandatory campaign. It will be voluntary,” Elliot said, but adding that “There may be some restrictions that may be placed on people that don’t have vaccines for travel purposes, to be able to go to theatres and other places.”

When another reporter asked if the government would be introducing ‘immunity passports’, or proof of vaccination cards, Elliot said “Yes, because that’s going to be really important for people to have for travel purposes, perhaps for work purposes, for going to theatres or cinemas or any other places where people will be in closer physical contact.”

Following up on Elliot’s comments, The Toronto Sun spoke to her press secretary, who confirmed that the government is exploring several options for vaccine “tracking and surveillance.”

“This includes exploring developing tech-based solutions while also providing for alternative options to ensure equitable access to any potential ‘immunity passport,’” Alexandra Hilkene said.

Sun reporter Brian Lilley notes “That phrase will set off alarm bells and it should, not just for anti-vaxxers, but for anyone who is concerned about Charter rights and governments running roughshod over them.”

Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams has also said that a COVID-19 vaccine may be required for “freedom to move around”.

“What we can do is to say sometimes for access, or ease, in getting into certain settings, if you don’t have vaccination then you’re not allowed into that setting without other protection materials,” Williams said.

The comments of these Canadian officials add to the litany of other government and travel industry figures in both the US, Britain and beyond who have suggested that ‘COVID passports’ are coming, in order for ‘life to get back to normal’

Top Ontario Health Officials Caught On Hot Mic!

12/17/2020  (Article by Anthony Murdoch republished from

In a rare moment caught on video between the private conversation of two senior government officials this past Monday, Ontario’s Associate Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Barbara Yaffe said, “I don’t know why I bring all these papers, I never look at them.”

“I just say whatever they write down for me,” Yaffe then adds with a laugh to her voice.

To this, Ontario’s top doctor and Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams responds, “That’s funny. Yeah same.”

The candid moment went viral on social media and elicited immediate scorn from Independent Ontario MPP Randy Hillier.

“Dr Yaffe ‘I just say whatever they write for me’. She sounds like every caucus & elected member, I’ve met over 14 yr in office. Follow the orders, do as you’re told; obedience not intellect keeps you in your privileged & well paid position, in politics or the bureaucracy #onpoli,” wrote Hillier on Twitter yesterday.

Hillier then said in a later tweet that eventually, secrets come out to the public spotlight.

“It is impossible to keep a secret or a lie, forever.  There will always be a brief unexpected moment of candour & honesty,” wrote Hillier.

In a statement sent to media, Dr. Yaffe said that she was simply “bantering” with Williams before the press conference.

“My comments overheard on a live microphone before Monday’s 3 p.m. COVID-19 media update were my bantering with Dr. Williams,” Yaffe said in her statement.

“I was referencing the fact that my communications team prep me for these updates with researched and vetted remarks. Of course, I do speak freely and have no notes for responding to questions from the media. I was also reflecting to Dr. Williams on why I carry around extra paperwork.”

In another tweet about the hot mic moment between the Ontario doctors, Hillier gave his take on who the “they” are in Yaffe’s comments

“Many people have asked, who are ‘they’ They are the unseen extra parliamentary power in politics. The lobbyist, pollsters, senior staff, party bagmen, & corporate donors, are who the elected members kow tow to. Yaffe & Williams know who ‘they’ are and so does @fordnation,” commented Hillier on Twitter.

During their Monday press conference, Dr. Yaffe said the new Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine might not prevent infection, and that people still need to “protect themselves” after getting the shot.

“Even when somebody’s vaccinated, they need to protect themselves and others from spreading the infection,” said Yaffe.

The Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine was approved by Health Canada last week, and provinces nationwide have already begun to administer it.

It was tested, but not created, as reported by Children of God for Life, using the HEK-293 cell line, which was derived from a baby aborted decades ago.

The Pfizer vaccine must be stored at an extremely low temperature of -70 degrees Celsius, and there are other concerns about its safety, especially when it comes to women and unknown effects on fertility.

Earlier this week, Health Canada said that Canadians who have allergies should not take the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, as it could cause severe allergic reactions.

Last week, Ontario’s Health Minister Christine Elliott suggested that Ontario could create an “immunity passport” as proof for having taken the COVID-19 vaccine. Without such a passport, one’s ability to move freely could be limited.

“That’s going to be really important for people to have [proof of COVID vaccination] for travel purposes, perhaps for work purposes, for going to theatres or cinemas or any other places where people will be in closer physical contact when we get through the worst of the pandemic,” said Elliott to reporters.

As for Williams, he previously said that proof of COVID-19 vaccination might be made mandatory for people to move around freely, however, he said that such a vaccine would not be mandatory.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford said he will not make a COVID-19 vaccine mandatory in Ontario but will urge people to take it. Elliot also said it would be voluntary, but suggested people’s ability to move freely could be limited should one choose to not get the vaccine.

LifeSiteNews has produced an extensive COVID-19 vaccines resources page.?View it here.

Read more at:

SECRET MILITARY DOCUMENTS: Trudeau invited Chinese troops to train at Canadian military bases

Justin Trudeau invited China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to send its troops for cold weather training at CFB Petawawa in Ontario — and Trudeau raged at the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) for cancelling the training after China kidnapped Canadian citizens Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig.

This is only one of many bombshell revelations in The China Files, a 34-page access to information document released by the Trudeau government to Rebel News. The entire document can be seen by clicking here, or by going to

Documents that normally would have been completely blacked out by government censors were instead greyed out — the documents remain completely readable. Rebel News has chosen to black out a very small portion that would otherwise compromise the safety of an individual.

Here’s how we got these secret documents:

In April of 2019, we wrote to the government asking for any records corroborating a Russian report that Canada had sent a delegation to China for the 70th anniversary celebrations for the PLA Navy — a propaganda exercise held just months after the kidnapping of the two Michaels.

The Trudeau government delayed replying to Rebel News for 19 months, but when they finally did, they not only confirmed their attendance at that macabre event, but listed other exchanges between the PLA and the CAF. Those include training Chinese commanders at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto, as well as other military facilities in Kingston. Chinese military participants included 1- and 2-star generals and an entire contingent who would learn Canadian cold weather military tactics.

The CAF decision to cancel the cold weather training panicked Trudeau, who demanded that Canada’s military not cancel any more engagements with the PLA without explicit permission first, and that the news of the cancelled cold weather training had to be told to the PLA gently, to let them save face.

Other revelations in the documents that were clearly meant to be redacted include:

  • disgraced cabinet minister Catherine McKenna jetted to China for a three-day conference just months after the two Michaels were taken hostage
  • Trudeau sent nearly 200 CAF personnel to Wuhan in October of 2019 to participate in the Military World Games, a propaganda bonanza for China
  • diplomatic reports that China is using its “belt and road” negotiations to demand that countries drop human rights complaints if they want trade deals
  • Chinese censorship of Twitter use
  • Chinese use of a smartphone app to track Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang
  • bureaucrats’ bizarre protocol of referring to accused fraudster and Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou as “Ms. Meng”, but refusing to even mention the two Michaels by name
  • bureaucrats deriding concerns about military knowledge transfer to China as figments of the “Trump Administration”

Here’s a video summarizing the depth of the scandal:

SECRET MILITARY DOCUMENTS: Trudeau invited Chinese troops to train at Canadian military bases

The China Files show that Trudeau’s submissive approach to China isn’t just his personal obsession — it’s the official policy of his entire government and it has deeply infected Canada’s civil service, too.

Trudeau’s right-hand man, Ian Shugart, was tasked with silencing the CAF’s legitimate concerns about China, and forcing our military to continue acting as if China, not the U.S., was our most important ally.

As a public service, Rebel News is publishing the documents in full in the hopes that other reporters will continue to unlock the truth about how Trudeau is turning Canada away from our democratic allies, and towards the world’s greatest dictatorship.

I think this news is a disaster for our country. But the only worse disaster would be if Trudeau’s pro-China schemes were kept in the dark. We’re going to bring them into the light.

Ezra Levant

Update December 11, 2020…

Yesterday we published a bombshell document: 34 pages of military secrets detailing how the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have been training with China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

You can see for yourself at What’s so amazing about these files is that instead of national secrets being blacked out by military censors, they were just greyed out — so they’re completely legible.

(Maybe a whistleblower gave it to us on purpose to raise the alarm about Trudeau’s misconduct.)

The documents show that Trudeau conducted 18 different military projects with China in 2019. We were training the enemy.

But then the CAF wanted to cancel a winter warfare training session for the PLA, scheduled for CFB Petawawa in Ontario, warning that it risked a “knowledge transfer” to the Chinese. This enraged Trudeau, who ordered the CAF not to cancel any more training sessions for the PLA without his permission.

In Question Period today, Trudeau’s defence minister, Harjit Sajjan, tried to take credit for cancelling that session, bizarrely blaming it on Stephen Harper. (That’s a lie, of course — the China Files clearly show the Liberals did everything to keep PLA training on track.)

But just minutes ago we learned of a shocking development: Trudeau’s spokesman admitted to Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun that, in fact, a PLA delegation visited Canada in February of 2018 for winter training. You can click here to read it in the Toronto Sun. (Good for them for pursuing this story!)

It’s hard to believe, but a Canadian prime minister really did teach Chinese troops our winter warfare secrets — and kept it hidden from Canadians.

I note that, so far, the CBC hasn’t said a word about the China Files. Makes sense — they’re Trudeau’s state broadcaster. Just like China’s state broadcaster Xinhua, they only report what their master tells them.

China Is Invested In Canadian Covid Vaccine Suppliers! 

From Infowars December 14th, 2020

Boeing, Airbus, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Rolls-Royce, HSBC and many more companies under influence of ChiComs

An official register containing the list of nearly 2 million Chinese Communist Party members has been leaked, exposing members who are embedded all over the globe, including in US and UK corporations.

“It is believed to be the first leak of its kind in the world,” Sky News host Sharri Markson reported Saturday.

“What’s amazing about this database is not just that it exposes people who are members of the communist party, and who are now living and working all over the world, from Australia to the US to the UK.”

“But it’s amazing because it lifts the lid on how the party operates under President and Chairman Xi Jinping,” she continued.

“Communist party branches have been set up inside western companies, allowing the infiltration of those companies by CCP members – who, if called on, are answerable directly to the communist party, to the Chairman, the president himself,” she added.

The list reveals the Chinese Communist influence stretches all over the world, including in defense companies like Boeing , banks like HSBC, auto makers like Jaguar and Rolls Royce, and pharmaceutical corporations Astra Zeneca and Pfizer, which developed America’s COVID-19 vaccines.

And even more alarmingly, some party members had to swear an oath to “guard Party secrets, be loyal to the Party, work hard, fight for communism throughout my life…and never betray the Party”.

The leak was reportedly given by a “non-governmental source” to the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC), who handed the information over to journalists.

“IPAC will push for governments and companies to respond setting out how they intend to safeguard their values in the face of infiltration,” the group said in a statement.

Sky News also noted that this leak would likely humiliate both these compromised companies and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“It is also going to embarrass some global companies who appear to have no plan in place to protect their intellectual property from theft, from economic espionage,” Markson said.

Former Tory Party leader Iain Duncan Smith reacted to the disturbing revelations, saying that the UK government must “expel” any CCP members from its Consuls in China.

“This investigation proves that members of the Chinese Communist Party are now spread around the globe, with members working for some of the world’s most important multinational corporations, academic institutions and our own diplomatic services,” Smith said.

“The Government must now move to expel and remove any members of the Communist Party from our Consuls throughout China. They can either serve the UK or the Chinese Communist Party. They cannot do both.”

The revelation is especially relevant for America given dozens of Democrat and even some Republican governors have cozied up to the Communist government in recent years.

Over 20 governors alone have been photographed with CCP assets at some point.

This ingratiation with CCP members did not go unnoticed by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who earlier this year warned those governors during the National Governors Association in Washington that China was keeping close tabs on them.

“I’d be surprised if most of you in the audience have not been lobbied by the Chinese Communist Party directly,” Pompeo said.

“It’s happening in your states, with consequences for our foreign policy and for citizens that reside in your states…and affects our capacity to perform America’s vital national security functions,” he added.

Though this list represents a breach of only 2% of its members (there are around 92 million Chinese Communist Party members), that small percentage was effective enough to infiltrate many key industries of the Western world.

And this is likely on top of the 25,000 spies China has already embedded in the U.S., as we reported in 2017.

And of course, who can forget China’s close relationship with the Bidens themselves?



Alex Jones interviews Ezra Levant about the Canadian Prime Minister’s praise of China’s dictatorship, and his devotion to their authoritarian rule.